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The Newsletter was relaunched in October 2015 with John Warner at the helm having taken over from Jonathan Kemp who had virtually single-handedly produced the first 7 issues. In 2017 Beverley Stone took over from John Warner who moved away from Bucknell.

Our thanks to Jonathan Kemp who was responsible for the birth of the Bucknell Newsletter which started towards the end of 2012 and of course our thanks to John Warner who was the instigator of the new style Newsletter which looks very smart and we hope that contributions will keep being sent in to Beverley.

Previous editions of the newsletter may be downloaded using the adobe icons below.

adobe ◄ #15 Autumn 2017
adobe ◄ #14 Summer 2017
adobe ◄ #13 Spring 2017
adobe ◄ #12 Autumn 2016
adobe ◄ #11 Summer 2016
adobe ◄ #10 Spring 2016
adobe ◄ #9 Winter 2015
adobe ◄ #8 Autumn 2015
adobe ◄ #7 Summer 2014
adobe ◄ #6 Spring 2014
adobe ◄ #5 Winter 2013
adobe ◄ #4 Autumn 2013
adobe ◄ #3 Summer 2013
adobe ◄ #2 Spring 2013
adobe ◄ #1 Winter 2012

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The latest edition of the newsletter may be viewed here.


The latest edition of the newsletter may be downloaded using the adobe icons below. Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need to get adobe_reader_button_v3-2 to view it.

adobe ◄ November 2017
adobe ◄ October 2017
adobe ◄ September 2017
adobe ◄ August 2017
adobe ◄ July 2017
adobe ◄ June 2017
adobe ◄ April/May 2017
adobe ◄ March 2017
adobe ◄ February 2017
adobe ◄ January 2017
adobe ◄ December 2016
adobe ◄ November 2016
adobe ◄ October 2016
adobe ◄ September 2016
adobe ◄ August 2016
adobe ◄ June 2016

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On the 11th November the Bishop of Ludlow conducted a ceremony of dedication for the War Memorial in St Mary's churchyard: a granite and slate memorial outside the main doors of the church. The villagers, including relatives of the dead, felt the need for an outside memorial that can be seen at all times by locals and the many visitors who come to the area. The church service and dedication was a very moving event with seventeen children from the local school each placing a cross to commemorate one of the men of Bucknell who gave their life during two world wars.

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