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12th September 2020

Against a Green Field Development in Bucknell Village as Proposed in the Current Shropshire Council Draft Local Plan 2016-2038

Please see the latest edition of the Bucknell Newsletter for more information

This Petition is being raised to OBJECT to the proposed development of the green field, known locally as the ‘Gotians’ and referred to in Shropshire Council’s current Draft Local Plan 2016 – 2038 as BUCK008a. The field is located on the eastern side of Bucknell village to the east of Redlake Meadow. Shropshire Council appear to be demanding the construction of 110 additional homes during this period within our village when there is clearly no need for such a massive expansion and when the existing infrastructure of our roads, drainage, broadband etc. are already under strain to cope with the current levels of traffic and habitation.

We have a brownfield site in the form of the old Timber Yard and Railway Yard which should be the sole area for development and can deliver 70+ properties which would be more than enough additional properties for a village of our size and could potentially take our population towards an estimated 1000.

Update: The signatures have been collected and submitted

Last modified: 15th January 2021

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