Future Ready Homes

11th August 2022

People across Shropshire are seriously worried about their rising energy bills. The war in Ukraine highlights how dependent we are on imports of fossil fuels – and we know we need to be cut our use of fossil fuels dramatically because of climate change. Little wonder that many of us are looking to improve the energy efficiency of our homes – but where should we go for help?

Based in Shrewsbury, the charity Marches Energy Agency runs the Keep Shropshire Warm advice line. MEA has recently won crucial funding for its work in improving energy efficiency in the home.

Tony Baker, Project Manager at MEA, said “An energy crisis is looming – if it’s not upon us already. At MEA we’re passionately committed to helping people enjoy healthy, comfortable homes where they can afford their energy bills. The key to this is to reduce our energy demand by improving the fabric of our homes – which reduces our carbon footprint at the same time. We’re delighted to have won this funding at this critical time.”

MEA is looking for householders to join in its Future Ready Homes project. The project offers support of various kinds such as webinars and educational events, and a limited number of fully funded home energy surveys. Surveys analyse your home and your energy usage, and feed into a
report proposing what measures could be taken, and the likely costs and benefits.

“We need people who will really engage with the project” continued Tony. “People who see the benefits of upgrading their homes to be more energy efficient. Our main focus is of course on the most vulnerable, but all of us need to get on board with retrofit. Improving all our homes as we work
towards Net Zero is a huge challenge, but an exciting one.”

Applications for the project can be made through: https://mea.org.uk/our-work/future-ready-homes/

Last modified: 11th August 2022

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